Re: E-Vote: Vote Center Concept Proposed for Indiana

From: Hamilton Richards <hrichrds_at_swbell_dot_net>
Date: Thu Mar 20 2008 - 15:08:59 CDT

Kurt takes a very dim view of the Indiana vote-center concept, but I
don't think his pessimism is altogether justified.

The concept strikes me as quite similar to the early-voting centers
we've been using successfully for many years in Travis County, Texas
(that's the county in which Austin is located). The early-voting
centers are open evenings and weekends for a couple of weeks before
Election Day, and many of them are located in places, such as
supermarkets, which many voters visit routinely. This makes voting
much more convenient for working people.
    Except for their locations, Travis County's early-voting centers
are identical to the precinct polling places (which are open only on
election day). The machines are the same, poll workers supervise in
the same fashion, and voter privacy is the same, so the precinct
polling places have no security advantage that I can see.

Kurt asserts, "Not that this is the only fraud that would be aided by
such a bill", but offers no specific fraud that "this" could refer
to. Perhaps a paragraph was inadvertently dropped from his message.

The only specific fraud described by Kurt is vote selling, which he
alleges would be facilitated by "having voting equipment at kiosks
all over". But nowhere in any of the Indiana vote-center literature
I've searched does the word "kiosk" ever appear. It begins to seem
that Kurt's response is aimed at some scheme which is very different
from the Indiana vote-center concept.


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>This is really sad. The precinct, while not perfect, offers some
>security. This looks like a deliberate attempt to increase election
>fraud in many ways. Hopefully, Congress will use its powers under
>Article I, Sections 4 and 5 of the US Constitution (and explained
>further in Federalist Paper #59) to outlaw these in elections where
>there are candidates for federal offices. That would be a wake-up
>call not to use them in state or local elctions as well.
>Not that this is the only fraud that would be aided by such a bill,
>but having voting equipment at kiosks all over can really increase
>the vote selling frauds. The person paying for the vote can walk up
>to the kiosk along with the person selling his vote to ensure the
>fraudulent vote is delivered as paid for.
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>What do folks think about this?
>E-Vote: Vote Center Concept Proposed for Indiana
>Mar 14, 2008, By Wayne Hanson
>The Indiana General Assembly on Tuesday moved forward on Senate Bill
>235 which would allow local government to choose Vote Center
>elections over precinct-based elections.
>Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita is proposing that local
>governments choose Vote Center elections over precinct-based
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