Re: Maricopa/Sequoia report - new info, including an obvious certification failure.

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Date: Thu Mar 20 2008 - 00:47:55 CDT

I think the first page of the document needs a header showing who did the report, their addresses, why they affiliated to do it, etc.

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We've released the Maricopa report:
Appendix A focuses in HARD on Sequoia themselves, including what appear to be dead-obvious violations of the certification rules drawing from data not even the California top-to-bottom review people had.
Upshot: Sequoia's central tabulator appears to be at least as vulnerable to tampering than Diebold's GEMS if not moreso.
The rest of the report covers the blunders and security flaws of the Maricopa County elections office and their alarming "outsource everything" policies.
Jim March

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