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Colorado Secretary of State Reverses Prior Voting Equipment Decertification

Mar 7, 2008, News Report

On Tuesday, Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman announced that Election
Systems and Software (ES&S) optical scanners, the M100 precinct optical
scanner and M650 central count scanner, are conditionally certified for use
in Colorado. The announcement completes the review of voting equipment
established under HB-1155 and reverses Coffman's December 17, 2007 decision
to decertify the equipment following a court-ordered recertification

The major deficiency of the M100 and M650, as identified by the Secretary of
State's Testing Board, said Coffman's office in a release, was a failure to
complete the testing threshold of 10,000 ballots due to vendor programming
errors. The Testing Board and the vendor failed on numerous occasions to
successfully process 10,000 ballots as required by rule. The failures
stemmed from the vendor's inability to provide compatible programming and
ballots prior to the November 29, 2007 deadline, which resulted in
incomplete testing and decertification.

As outlined in the provisions under HB-1155, the Testing Board, through its
cooperation with the county election officials from Mesa and Jefferson
counties and representatives from ES&S, successfully performed the necessary

The Testing Board also identified an inability to detect software
programming changes. As a condition for use of the system, counties will be
required to create a secured copy of the database for use during the
election process. This secured copy, plus county security procedures already
in use, will mitigate the risk of programming errors and create an audit
trail to detect security violations.

Currently, Jefferson and Mesa counties utilize the ES&S optical scanners.
Since the passage of HB-1155, Coffman has recertified all equipment
submitted in 2007.





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