Re: [Bytesfree-discuss] Update: Importing Data into Voter Info Project

From: Edward Cherlin <echerlin_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue Mar 04 2008 - 21:31:47 CST

On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 2:43 PM, John Mark Walker <> wrote:
> Excerpts from Edward Cherlin's message of Sun Mar 02 14:45:38 -0800 2008:
> > I would like to include some other people in this discussion who are
> > interested in aggregating data on voting, the question of impeachment,
> > and international development. Since not everyone is on the same
> > mailing lists, I will have to copy messages between some of you.
> Hi Ed,
> While I'm not particularly interested in discussing matters related to
> impeachment,

Yes, there are lists for that. We don't intrude our discussion where
we're off-topic.

> discussing data aggregation is definitely something we'll
> bring up here from time to time. I'd be happy to discuss with others how
> they go about it.
> >
> > Does anybody know of a mailing list for discussing this kind of data
> > gathering, apart from the specific issues to be tracked? Is anybody
> > interested in starting one?
> That's a very good question, but no, I know of no such mailing list. I
> would be interested in participating, because I see these matters re:
> data aggregation and gathering being rather important.
> As we go through this process, we will post here from time to time on
> the subject. If you know of anyone who starts a project for this, I'd
> love to share our experiences with them.

I'm working on two. One for political data and events in the US, and a
second for data on languages, countries, governments, and other
matters relating to the One Laptop Per Child program of education in
collaborative discovery, to economic opportunities for school
graduates, and a lot more.. There are, for example, numerous
restrictions on bringing Internet services into countries that have so
far prevented services from reaching the villages. Voice over IP is
still illegal in parts of Africa, for example. has the data on languages organized by country. There
we just need a script to extract the data for languages with a certain
number of speakers in likely target countries. So, for example, for
Afghanistan, if we looked for languages with a million or more
speakers, we would get numbers for Dari, Pashto, Hazaragi, and Aimaq.

Then we would look up the information on ethnic and religious tensions
between these groups, economic and political statistics, and on and on
from there. The Hazaras were recently written up in National
Geographic. They are Shia Muslims believed to be descended from Mongol
conquerors, and are thus doubly despised by the Pashtuns. The Sunni
Aimaq get upset when mistaken for Hazaras. And so on.

For a lot of countries, we are starting out not even knowing what are
the right questions to ask.

> On another note, as my frustration with finding an attorney mounts, I'd
> like do discuss how various orgs go about incorporating as a non-profit.

If you can raise money, Silk, Adler, and Colvin in San Francisco is
highly recommended. Otherwise, consult Nolo Press.

My church had a free lawyer once, and concluded that we couldn't afford him. %-[

Edward Cherlin
End Poverty at a Profit by teaching children business
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