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A chain is only as strong as strong as its weakest link. The Internet is inherently secure.

Of course, the Internet could be used to report unofficial results. That might make it more difficult for fraudsters to withhold precinct results waiting to see what the vote totals are desired by insiders. It might not be a bad idea to require the posting of precinct results on the Internet immediately after closing the polls.

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On Mar 28, 2007, at 8:09 PM, Barbara Simons wrote:
There is no secure way to vote via the internet these days, because the 
internet itself is so insecure. 
I do not agree with this statement. Because one system assessed had security issues does not mean that a secure system can not be implemented over the internet. However, it is much more difficult to do correctly and has many more attack vectors. There are issues with the trust level of the machines acting as clients (these need to be as secure as a voting machine in a voting kiosk) as well as how the web application is deployed and the security of the web software. But saying there is no secure way is not a valid statement.
Taking the originally question more generally, it simply asks what is the most secure way. If it's having private ryan take it back overseas in a speed boat than that is the most secure way. 
Of course paper can be tampered with too. How is the authenticity of a paper ballot guaranteed in such a situation? Back here you have people from multiple parties involved with the ballot booths and everyone keeps an eye on each other. In a military situation all that breaks down, secrecy is part of their environment and that could work against guaranteeing the correct transmission of the votes.
In fact, I'd be surprised if a web application was not the MOST secure way of making sure military votes are not safely transmitted to the states. The biggest threat would be that someone tampered with the web browser on the sending end and there are some simple ways to make sure that your vote got counted as intended, such as being able to connect and double check from a different terminal. While that may be true, I am sure that system is not SERVE.
Michelle Gabriel wrote:
Can someone point me to some websites/studies about the best, most 
secure method for military voting? I understand there isa provision in 
the Holt Bill about military and overseas voting that some have 
objections to. What is the best way to do this? 
If I could get some info on this in the next 24 hours it would be much 
Could you please pass this request on to any other lists you have that 
might have this information?
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