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From: Nancy Tobi <ntobi_at_democracyfornewhampshire_dot_com>
Date: Wed Mar 28 2007 - 19:42:08 CDT

There is a group I encountered at the NASS conference, which I think is this

What Holt does is pre-empt states rights to refuse to accept faxed ballots.
My understanding is that the Armed Services Ctte overstepped their bounds a
few years back and inserted electronic ballots into a military bill. States
like my own, NH, may right now refuse to accept electronic ballots, which we
do because we believe it violates the voter's privacy. Holt makes acceptance
of electronic ballots mandatory - superceding states' rights on this issue
(as on many others, of course).

I think the organization above will provide you with answers. The people I
encountered at NASS were livid about this provision in Holt. If you don't
get the answers let me know and I will see if I can find the business card
from the woman I met.


On 3/28/07, Michelle Gabriel <> wrote:
> Can someone point me to some websites/studies about the best, most
> secure method for military voting? I understand there isa provision in
> the Holt Bill about military and overseas voting that some have
> objections to. What is the best way to do this?
> If I could get some info on this in the next 24 hours it would be much
> appreciated.
> Could you please pass this request on to any other lists you have that
> might have this information?
> Thanks,
> Michelle
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