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I don't know if the pdf will go through, but Dan Ashby had attached it
to this email.

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On Wednesday, March 7, 2007, at 04:25 PM, Michelle Gabriel wrote:

> What does the Count Every Vote Act of 2007 have that the new Holt Bill
> does NOT have?
Quite a few provisions about making it easier to vote, and clamping
down on dirty tricks.
Other than that, hard to say, since it is 116 pages and I just
downloaded it. (Attached as a PDF).

> Where can I find the text of the bill?
It takes some searching, *but I eventually found it on the NCFE website.
Seems very odd to me to be advocating the public lobby Congress in
support of this bill, without providing it for people to first read.
> What is the status of the bill and is it expected to be in place for
> the
> 2008 elections?
It doesn't seem to have a bill number assigned yet, and no amount of
searching for it at Thomas.gov or other federal legislation trackers
could turn it up.
> Does the bill have any enforcement clauses? for example, what happens
> if
> an elections official does NOT allow a non partisan observer to do
> meaningful observation?
Let us know what you find.

> Thanks,
> Michelle

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