Re: San Francisco debate heating up

From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Fri Mar 02 2007 - 15:36:13 CST

On 3/2/07, Douglas W. Jones <> wrote:
> On Mar 2, 2007, at 5:35 AM, Teresa Hommel wrote:
> > Here in NY we are sending letters of support to our State
> > Board of Elections which is the first in the nation to
> > refuse to certify machines that don't pass their tests,
> Uh, beg pardon, but while I was on the board of examiners here
> in Iowa, we refused to certify several voting systems that had
> been through the voluntary voting systems certification program
> in the 1990's. I can recall at least two cases where we outright
> flunked systems, and one where we gave a conditional approval,
> but where the vendor never satisfied our conditions. The latter
> case was the Global AccuTouch (later sold as the Diebold
> Accuvote TS) when it first came up for certification
> a decade ago.

And CA refused to certify the TSx when the ghost bug was found (that
David J. has mentioned a number of times). There are likely other
examples... -Joe

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