Fwd: Thousands of Voters Dumped Off California's Voting Rolls

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed Mar 29 2006 - 14:56:51 CST

>Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 20:35:31 GMT
>From: "Debra Bowen" <info@debrabowen.com>
>Subject: Thousands of Voters Dumped Off California's Voting Rolls
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>I just learned of an alarming development in our fight for fair and
>transparent elections: The current Secretary of State, Bruce
>McPherson, launched a statewide voter registration database system
>last year that will disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters in
>More than 14,000 new voter registration and re-registration
>applications just from Los Angeles County were recently invalidated
>under this new stringent set of regulations -- and other counties
>are seeing similar results.
>This is a 43% rejection rate! In fact, virtually all of these
>applications would have been accepted before Secretary McPherson
>rolled out his new statewide voter registration database. Typically
>rejection rates are 1-2%. This is outrageous.
>And these applications were rejected for trivial matters -- a name
>or driver's license number not perfectly matching what was on file
>in the statewide database, for example. Or even technical system
>errors that prevented valid applications from being accepted.
>We're talking about thousands of eligible voters, many of whom have
>been registered for years, being thrown off the voter rolls. Unless
>they correct these trivial errors with their local registrar, these
>fellow citizens won't receive sample ballots in the mail, notifying
>them of their polling place. They won't receive absentee ballots.
>In other words, it will be much more difficult for them to get their
>legitimate vote counted.
>If eligible voters are prevented from registering to vote, I view
>that as a huge problem for our democracy -- I'm sorry Secretary
>McPherson doesn't see it that way. We are aggressively looking into
>this serious issue -- and we'll keep you posted on what we find.
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>Our fight against the certification of Diebold electronic voting
>machines also continues. Last Tuesday, Voter Action filed suit in
>San Francisco Superior Court on behalf of voters in 18 counties,
>protesting Secretary of State Bruce McPherson's decision to certify
>Diebold electronic voting machines for use in the June primary
>I applaud Voter Action's decision to file this important lawsuit.
>Now Secretary McPherson's judgment is in the spotlight, and he'll
>have to explain why he believes he has the power to ignore the law
>when it comes to certifying voting equipment in California.
>In the meantime, I'm continuing my series of public hearings in the
>Senate on our entire elections process, including the testing and
>certification of voting machines.
>But regardless of how these hearings and lawsuits turn out, the
>bottom line is this: we deserve better from our Secretary of State.
>What we've seen here over the past months is an absolute failure of
>After all, we've known about the "Help America Vote Act" and the
>June 6th primary elections for a long time. But the Secretary of
>State simply failed to look ahead and plan adequately. Now he's in
>a bind, so he's cutting corners and making bad decisions that hurt
>the integrity of our elections system.
>We need a Secretary of State who can lead. So we're going to
>continue to work as hard as we can to make our elections as safe and
>transparent as possible over the coming months.
>I hope I can count on your support and your vote to bring change and
>real leadership to the Secretary of State's office. That's the best
>way we'll be able to fix the mistakes, misjudgments, and
>mismanagement that we've seen from Secretary McPherson.
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>Thanks for your continued help and support!
>Debra Bowen
>California State Senator
>P.S. I'll be on the Al Franken Show on Air America Radio this
>Friday, March 31st from 9:30-10:00 a.m. to discuss Diebold and other
>elections-related issues. I hope you have a chance to tune in!
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