Re: An interesting article on policies and proceedures for voter registration. This is something we do need to work on as part of the ultimate certification package.

From: Keith Copenhagen <K_at_copetech_dot_com>
Date: Tue Mar 22 2005 - 15:12:14 CST

I'll weigh in here, I think the principles of open source and voter audit
force OVC to provide a vision of a traceable / tamper resistent voter
rolls. This, to me, is a more pressing and critical architectural concern
than bar-codes or other implementation details.

Despite the public awareness here being less than with voting machines.
import of How voters are added, deleted, matched with their ballot and How
ballot is validated at the point of tabulation is more subtle and more in
of sunshine.


On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 08:12:06 -0800 (PST), Edmund R. Kennedy
<> wrote:

> Hello Kurt and others,
> It's my understanding that the voter registration
> process has been and continues to be used and abused
> as a means to keep poor and minorities from voting.
> The charge of voting fraud seems generally like a
> piece of magician's misdirection away from the rest of
> the problems in the voting process. Bottom line here
> is that not only does the voting process, from
> registration to the final audit have to be actually
> fair, it also has to appear fair. Right now it
> doesn't meet any of these basic requirements.
> True Confessions: I don't have any expertise in large
> databases and having trouble keeping my own address
> book cleaned up and the various copies synchronized.
> Still, keeping a database of names, addresses and
> other relevant data seems like a fairly straight
> forward and unsubtle process. Why hasn't this been
> done already? (Or has it?) This seems like something
> that could be 'spun off' to most any small group of
> open source programmers. I understand some states
> have already set up state wide standardized voting
> registration systems. Does anyone have information on
> this?
> Finally, I understand the basic business plan is to
> focus on canvassing systems or vote tabulators so
> maybe we should put this discussion off for a while.
> I know that I'm been scattered lately and am trying to
> regain focus.
> Thanks, Ed Kennedy
> --- wrote:
>> Good point. I believe in applying the
>> Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail to voter
>> registration lists as well as to ballots. I believe
>> one of the driving forces behind the movement for
>> expanding early voting and doing away with precincts
>> is the capability it gives for those phantom voters
>> to vote.
>> 1) Washington Times via 10/26/2002
>> -- A former city official in Helena Arkansas pleaded
>> guilty to fraudulent voting. In this case, it was
>> absentee ballots, but it's obvious the security
>> weakness in voter registration is just as enabling
>> to fraud in early voting.
>> 2) In 1986, a voter registration clean-up program
>> sent mail to registered voters and did follow-ups on
>> the mail that was returned as undeliverable produced
>> a list of 30,000 names to be challenged in
>> Louisiana. It was stopped because of lawsuits and
>> the list of 30,000 names was not acted upon.
>> Nor yet, O Freedom! close thy lids in slumber; for
>> thine enemy never sleeps. (From The Antiquity of
>> Freedom by William Cullen Bryant)
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