Re: How much are ballot marking or printing devicesplease?

From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 18:20:03 CST

Regaring commerical systems my estimates are rough since the manufacturuers are themselves evasive and there are large differences in models

an automark will be in the rang 3000-5000 and the optical scan reader will be in the range 3000-5000, as well. A pair at a terminal should be under 10K for sure. Now if someone tries to claim that you could get several touchscreens for the same price then you have to retort that you need to compare apples and apples. That is, if they want to quote bottom-of-the-line numbers for the price of a touchscreen you will do the same. Bottom line is that it should be cheaper in every precint and more importantly you are exposed to less risk. If either machine breaks you can still collect the ballots. No can do on touch screen so you need to have backups. And of course if it's a software bug discovered before the election you have to cancel the whole election. Not so with op-scan. if its a software bug caught after the election your screwed like north carolina was unless you used opscan.

OVC of course should be much cheaper. Or if not cheaper have a much more flexible bussniess model. In principle you could rent OVC machines. In prnciple the OVC machines are dual use; buy them for the election, give away the computer portions to schools after the election. So potentially the maintainence costs vanish as well. Since one is using commodity hardware the up front costs and parts replacements are cheap as well. You still have techinician cost for installing and verifying software and system set up. I would guess those would be a tad higher than a commerical all-in-one design. In theory OVC someday could run on multi-headed system, making the computer costs many fold lower. In principle it might someday even run on something like a sony-portable playstation portable--(already the ipods have video out suited for power point demonstrations.) which would mean dramatic savings in transport costs and physical security.

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I'm going on local TV this evening in Utah and I'm making the case vs
DREs and pro Opscan machines.

How much do the following cost? (rough estimate is fine)

1. Opscan ballot marking device?

2. Opscan ballot scanning machine?

3. DRE voting machine?

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help on this.


Kathy Dopp
I'm making a presentation now.
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