Re: Strategic plan revised

From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 10:18:37 CST

Hello Alan:

First, a minor technical note: The pdf link still
fails although it does so in a different way. I've
added the Firefox Extension, 'IE View', which allows
me to right click in Firefox and open whatever page
I'm on in Internet Explorer. This seems to be an
adequate work around and there are some other web
pages I've bumped into that have to be opened solely
in IE because of oddball security issues.

With that out of the way, here's my thoughts on the
business plan:

1. Good writing! Clear thinking!

2. The budget seems like the 'unconstrained' version.
 I'm all for positive thinking and I practice it
whereve and whenever I can, but it may be a good idea
to have an alternate, no HAVA funding, budget. This
would be your 'funding constrained' budget. This puts
an effective floor under your plans and this sort of
boundary can be useful. We use it all the time here
in Transportation Funding as judo on those who want to
cut or divert are funding. "OK you can cut the funds
but here's what we actually need for X and we're
already cutting into the muscle here just to get by,"
is the approach we need. Done right, it can be
surprisingly effective.

3. Meet Ups are good. How about someone (other than
little 'ol me)reprocessing some of the material we've
got into data sheets, hand outs, leaflets and
brochures suitable for the meet ups and other local
face time.
4. Forgive me if you mentioned this somewhere in the
pages and I missed it but I only see a bit of a throw
away line about developing the actual technology.
Yes, a tabulator/auditor is really needed as part of
the technology suite for certification. However, I
think the touch screen ballot marker/printer proposed
as the 'Markamatic' with a interface to existing
optical ballot scan equipment more quickly gets OVC
product out there. There seems to be a very real
market niche here that we can use as the thin edge of
the wedge for the product line. [full disclosure, I
consider this MY pet proposal] While there is a
potentially valid argument here against elevating the
Markamatic that it would be easier to get the
Markamatic certified as part of a full voting sytstem
suite, I'm beginning to wonder if the Markamatic
actually needs certified. Pencils and ballots don't
need to be certified, why do machines that directly
take their place need to be certified. Let's develope
them both at the same time! Anyway, 'nuff said on
this issue.

5. A lot of us have personal web sites. What do you
and other think about active members copying over the
paypal buttons to their personal web sites? Currently
I do link to the main site.

6. Do you have a 'tour schedule' for the various meet
ups and similar?

--- Alan Dechert <> wrote:
> I made a few revisions based on comments --
> reorganized with a few
> refinements and additions. I kept it to 6 pages.
> Obviously, the
> business plan is much longer and we'll be looking
> for help with that
> too.
> Alan D.
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