Re: Archive outage

From: laird popkin <lairdp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 03:02:16 CST

Good idea. Now that we have a nice new site, we need to collect
everything from the various sites onto the new site for easy reference
(and maintenance, etc.).

- LP

On Tue, 1 Mar 2005 17:48:40 -0500, David Mertz <> wrote:
> I'm afraid that an error with the server is
> preventing archiving of the mailing list for the last couple days.
> Trying to track down the details with the hosting provider (who, it
> should be noted, provide the service gratis).
> Whenever this gets fixed, it will not result in any permanent loss of
> messages; but you won't be able to read the latest messages via the
> archive until this is resolved.
> Btw. No slight to the good folks at, but maybe this
> is a nudge toward something I've advocated before: Moving the list
> archive over to the domain. It's not an issue of server
> resources here... just of making it easier to remember the URL for the
> archive. If we did this, we'd want to maintain the old one for people
> who link to it (including search engines); but we could start with
> mirroring, then move to redirecting after a couple months.
> The updating of the archives is just a matter of some scripts that run
> on cron. I can provide and explain those to an
> maintainer if there is shared desire to make this happen.
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