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From: Teresa Hommel <tahommel_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 20:09:26 CST
I am happy to read this email, because I have been advocating something similar -- The law should require that all vote-recording and vote-counting be able to be appropriately and effectively observed by non-technical observers. The law should require accuracy. The law should not mandate specific technology. Elections are about votes, not computers. The standards should relate to accuracy and observation, not technology. If a non-technical observer can't tell what's going on, and has to "trust" a mathematician that some percentage of the votes don't have to be counted, the legitimacy of the election and the government is destroyed.
Teresa Hommel

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> It requires 1-2% manual audits.
> it requires the paper be the official record in a recount.
We've had good discussions in this forum showing the benefits of 1) Targeted Audit Recounts rather than random recounts and 2) Making both the electronic results and paper ballots to be of equal validity and when they differ to audit both to see which (or both) has been subject to error or tampering.
If the federal government dictates procedures down to the precinct level, that will totally stifle innovation by the States.  In 1994, New Hampshire passed the nation's first VVPAT law.  Those of us who worked on this law had enough difficulty convincing people in New Hampshire of the issues.  But we were successful.  If we had also needed to ask the federal government for permission for exception to prescribed procedures, we'd still be filing forms and answering tangential questions.

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