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From: Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) <"Popkin,>
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 13:42:52 CST

Glad you like the demo.

For the audio, what platform and browser are you using? So far I've tested
on IE and Mozilla under Windows XP, and Safari on the Mac.

I saw the same thing you did on the ballot printout, also using Preview in
MacOS X, so Jan added (yay Jan!) the JPEG output, which always looks great.
And there's PostScript output for the hardcore.

- LP

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I took a look (for the first time) at the online demo that Laird
mentioned on /.. It looks GREAT! This is so wonderful for getting out
the message of what our system is about--especially the explanations of
the barcode, the PDF ballot, and the vocalization online
(unfortunately, when I try to play either the WAV or MP3, I get a
"broken quicktime" icon--but that's probably just my own browser
configuration, I'll try elsewhere).

However, this reminded me to look at the printed ballot again. I think
I noticed the following before, but figured it was a transitional
thing. Anyway: the flag in the background is very dark, and blocks out
some of the header information (and even makes it difficult to read the
top couple votes). I know we're getting very close, but can we
possibly make the flag a lighter screen before the demo--I think that
would make a big difference in impression (i.e. maybe 30% screen). I
suppose it's probably a matter of tweaking the postscript template.

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