Re: Possible questions at the demo

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sun Mar 21 2004 - 00:48:33 CST

At 9:28 PM -0500 3/20/04, David Mertz wrote:
>Btw, Arthur, at the demo, I think you are the "go to" guy if any
>reporters raise security/cryptography issues.

And I've been talking about those issues with interested people I
talk with. So I'm primed.

> I chatted with Alan on
>the telephone about this tonight. My hunch is that these kind of
>concerns probably won't come up: more likely ones about cost. And
>"What's Free Software? Who are the OVC? Why do we need a paper trail?
>(Importantly) Why isn't a paper receipt the same thing as a paper
>ballot? And so on.
>Moroever, on the security questions, we don't want to say we have final
>answers decided. After all, that's why we have Amit and David Jefferson
>(and other experts) to work on a Security Working Group. But if
>questions do happen to stray in this direction, I think it is worth
>pointing out that we have discussed (at some length) things like
>watermarks to individualize ballots for polling places; and the relation
>between ballot sequence and preserving anonymity; and the relative
>virtues of private key and public key cryptography for barcode
>signatures; and how (even partial) disclosures might enable vote
>coersion or vote buying; and similar technical matters. I just don't
>want some reporter to write that we have a pretty touch screen, but
>haven't thought through the security any better than have the
>proprietary vendors. We've done a heck of a lot more than have Diebold,
>ESS, or Sequoia already--and we'll do more in the future.

Yes, I also talk about our NSF proposal and the threat analysis we
propose to perform.

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