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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sat Mar 20 2004 - 19:39:00 CST

At 2:46 PM -0500 3/19/04, David Mertz wrote:
>I agree with all of Arnold's language improvements, and have a
>couple other suggestions:
>(1) I think I should be called "Dr. David Mertz" or "David Mertz,
>Ph.D."--not just as a matter of vanity, but also because more
>indicated advanced degrees adds slightly to the weight of the
>release. Is anyone else not so indicated also "Dr."?
>>We need a system like the Open Voting
>>Consortium is developing that produces a paper ballot that voters can see,
>>touch, and verify before placing in the ballot box," according to Dr. Arthur
>I wonder if Arthur should include the "touch" part for this release.
>This kinda gets us into a debate with the advocates of an "ballot
>under glass" system which is peripheral to our main point.
>Certainly I agree with doing it the way we do (as opposed to
>TrueVote of Mercuri's ideas), but "see" and "verify" are much more
>important parts.

I lot of people can't read something under glass. With my
presbyopia, I can read best 9" from my face without my glasses. With
my distance glasses, I can read about 18" from my face if the print
is not too small. I bet people older than I am will have similar
problems. Plus what do the "under glass" people do if the ballot is

>>Jones is also the Chief Technology Officer of the Open Voting Consortium and
>>Vice President.
>This is awkward structure. I think Doug's titles should be adjacent
>in the sentence:
> Jones is also the Chief Technology Officer, and Vice President,
> of the Open Voting Consortium.
>Dred Scott 1857; Santa Clara 1876; Plessy 1892;
>Korematsu 1944; Eldred 2003

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