RE: 7000 Orange County voters given bad ballots

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Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 14:26:36 CST

That being said, I don't think that this article showed any particular flaw
of the eVoting system used -- any similar system would have to have
registrars set up the equipment properly. Given that registrars will always
be underpaid, well-meaning volunteers with insufficient training, this
article tells me that we need to be careful to address the human issues, and
it's not clear to me how to avoid this issue. Am I missing something?

- LP

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> I think we have to face the reality that replacing the voting system is
> going to mean replacing some of the baboons currently running things.
> Actually, by saying "running things" I am being overly generous. A lot of
> these registrars are just stooges for the vendors.
I guess I'm being a bit mean with this language, but I am outraged by the
attitudes of some registrars.

In fairness, they just don't know how things could be a lot different.
They've never been offered a much better way--like what we will be offering.

Alan D.

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