Re: Press Links, etc.?

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sat Mar 06 2004 - 12:10:12 CST

Nathan, I want to expand a bit on my previous response to your post.

> I can't seem to find a section on the OVC website that contains the
> links to news articles, papers, and blogs about the dangers of e-voting.
Since there are so many things coming out every day, it is a significant
effort to do a good job with this. Dill and Harris are doing a good job.
Why try to duplicate their work?

> Also, their should be a section for anything that mentions the OVC
> specifically. ...
We don't have a lot of notices so far. There is a very prominent link on Dill ( also has a link to us
although it's not obvious. I think we can get a fairly prominent notice on
VerifiedVoting once we announce the exact time/date/place of the
demo--especially since it will be in Dill's backyard (not literally,
actually) in Palo Alto

> Does such a page exist? If not, can we get one added?
After the demo--and to a certain extent leading up to the demo--our public
profile is going to grow. I would like our "News" page to reflect this.
What I really want is a team of journalists (maybe journalism students at
various universities with which we have associates) writing stories for our
news page. If you want to get involved with that, I'd like that. I put a
query out to the list for journalists (or someone to organize some
journalists) but never got any one interested.

Alan D
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