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Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 19:32:16 CST

I have signed this statement and I ask that you consider doing likewise and send it on to Bev Harris.

Alan D.

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Thanks, Alan,

I love what you guys are doing, support it all the way. By the way, we are collecting signatures for a Statement of Principle, to be used to influence officials to be more responsive to this issue. Here is the statement, which will appear on the Web with the list when we hit a certain impressiveness. We are getting sign-on from organizations, prominent citizens, public officials and individuals -- If you agree, I ask that you hit "reply" and provide your first and last name, and your city, state and country so that we can add the force of your opinion to this.

For Clean Voting

"When we introduced electronic technology into our election system, we created changes which provide opportunities to tamper. These vulnerabilities may allow incorrect results on an unprecedented number of votes at once. We believe that we must implement more robust safeguards for a trustworthy voting system. We therefore endorse the following statement of principle:

Electronic voting systems, as they now stand, present a clear and present danger to democracy.

- If electronic voting systems are used, we insist that they produce a paper ballot, verified by the voter at the time the vote is cast, placed in a ballot box.

- We insist on unbiased voter registration procedures.

- We insist on the implementation of improved procedures to audit elections.

(Your first and last name)
(Your title and organization)
(Your city, state and country)
(If you want ONLY paper ballots, no machines, please indicate here. We are collecting a body of signatures for that option also)


Thanks. Now go take back your vote -- http://www.blackboxvoting.org

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