Re: [OVC-discuss] Barbara Simons on Holt [OVC-discuss Digest, Vol 56, Issue 13]

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sun Jun 28 2009 - 21:38:19 CDT

> Obviously the best outcome for any legislative campaign is passage of the
> ideal bill in one shot. If that turns out to be impossible, two
> alternatives are (1) keep trying again and again to get the ideal bill
> passed, wearing down the opponents' resistance, and (2) passing a series
> of less-than-ideal bills, each of which gets a step closer to the ideal
> legislation. It seems Alan favors the first approach, whereas Barbara
> Simon prefers the second.
I am not trying for the ideal bill. I don't think any federal bill is
really necessary at this point. I favor a bottom up approach, rather than
top down.

If people want a federal bill, fine. But the bill should stick with
provisions we clearly need. The new Holt/ES&S bill is very far reaching and
ill-considered. It's much worse than no bill at all.

Maybe a 5-page bill can't be passed. Maybe it's only possible to pass a
bill of 66 pages or more (Christmas Tree bill = a little something for
everyone... ho ho ho, Merry Christmas). If that's true, then let's just
skip it.


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