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Date: Sun Jun 28 2009 - 18:16:39 CDT

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My comments are somewhat offtopic.
Move on if you have better things to do.

Alan Dechert wrote:
> Barbara Simons wrote,
>> Apparently, Alan Dechert is planning to do his own
>> rewrite of the Holt bill by eliminating sections he doesn't
>> like. He then plans to distribute his version to Congress,
>> and ask them to pass it.

And how is this different than congress operates today?
The cap and trade bill before congress passed it jumped another 300
pages in it's final revision and was distributed without any opportunity
for any congressman or congresswomand to read it before they signed it
into law.

The patriot act also never read before signing into law.

This is all quite amusing to me. Especially since I've realized that
representative government is a sham.

The only valid form of governmnet is unanimous consent of the governed.
 All other forms are defacto military states. Bear this in mind with
the design principles.

Oh, and you have to figure in those people who will not register to vote
because in doing so you mortgage all your property for the national debt
and the debts of the state and you join the "debtor class" as referred
to in the 1933 congressional record.


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