Re: [OVC-discuss] I need your help today -- oppose Holtbillasintroduced

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Jun 24 2009 - 14:00:53 CDT

> Created. I'm going through the bill now, pulling out passages where I
> see issues.
Here's some incredibly bad part on pg 5

12 ‘‘(II) In the event of any inconsist
13 encies or irregularities between any elec
14 tronic vote tallies and the vote tallies de
15 termined by counting by hand the indi
16 vidual, durable, voter-verified, paper ballots
17 used pursuant to clause (i), and subject to
18 subparagraph (B), the individual, durable,
19 voter-verified, paper ballots shall be the
20 true and correct record of the votes cast.

This has many possible interpretations or implications -- all bad. This
could mean that all ballots have to be hand-counted. Otherwise, how would
you know there are any descrepancies between the hand count and the machine

What if you do a precinct level count, as with the OVC system, with many
people witnessing that everything is done correctly and the tabulation is
witnessed to be correct. Later, some ballots get "lost." Now you have a
descrepancy between the "voter-verified, paper ballots" and the machine
count. So, you recount the paper ballots and that overrides the machine
count, which was known to be correct.

This crap's gotta go.

Alan D.

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