[OVC-discuss] I need your help today -- oppose Holt bill as introduced

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Jun 24 2009 - 02:10:58 CDT

Below is a copy of what I sent to our announcements list

Dear Friends of Open Voting:

I need your help today. As you may recall, US Representative Rush Holt has
introduced several badly flawed voting reform bills in the past few years.
We have opposed them for a variety of reasons.

Last week, Holt introduced his new one: The Voter Confidence and Increased
Accessibility Act of 2009 (HR 2894)

In general, the bill is not as bad as the previous. Some provisions are
good. Ban DREs, ban wireless, provide some funding for voting software that
would be publicly available. However, overall, the bill is still bad. The
deep flaw with this bill, generally speaking, remains the same: it would put
the federal goverment too much into running the voting system. Holt is
trying to do too much and making a mess of it.

Parts of it are outrageously bad. The main offending part for me is where
they say the machine for individuals with disabilities must allow the voter
to "independently verify and cast the permanent paper ballot without
requiring the voter to manually handle the paper ballot;" This is
ridiculous. This the proverbial $900 hammer approach. No machine has this
capability currently, and such a machine would be many times more expensive
than necessary. Potential solutions would solve one almost non-existent
problem and create several others -- besides the expense.

It's the same mentality that led to adding the expensive printing mechanism
to the DRE voting machines. Vendors didn't mind doing it as long as the
government was paying for it. Guess what? Government paid for it. No
wait, YOU paid for it. Now those machines are getting junked. So,
tax-payers underwrote stupid voting architecture. Diebold et al got paid to
develop it and sell it. Now the stupid machines go in the trash and Diebold
keeps the money. It's another example of a very few outspoken "disabled
rights activists" -- people in bed with industry -- creating a very
expensive mandate.

If we can't get this changed, the bill must be killed. Other parts of the
bill should just be removed rather than fixed. We might support it if
chunks of it were simply removed.

A here is a link directly to the bill language.



     (II) allows the voter to privately and
     independently verify and cast the permanent
     paper ballot without requiring the
     voter to manually handle the paper ballot;

I need your help contacting Congress in opposition to this bill.

I also need your financial support so OVC can continue to develop and
demonstrate sensible open source voting technology, and defeat crappy
legislation like this.

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