Voting Booth Mockup

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sun Jun 01 2008 - 11:39:58 CDT

I put together a mockup of our voting booth design. One person, no tools for assembly.

All the materials laying flat, less than 2 inches high.

Attaching leg

Assembling partitions

two clothespins glued together to secure corners

Side view

Angle view

The ballot layout (printout from 2004 demo) represents an LCD panel mounted on the board. The printer shown is a battery-powered HP H470b, which I use for demos. For LinuxWorld, these will be cheaper printers (maybe HP D4260 ~ $40 ea) with surplus PCs underneath the table. We plan to use 15" LCD panels (1024x768) for LinuxWorld, and have a mouse.

In a production system, we might have a smart printer that could run Linux and have a DVD drive. Ports, switches, and drive opening would all be in the rear of the device. Once booted, it would be attached to the board so that there would be no access to these things until the polls close and the machines removed.

A big variable for production use will be the screen. Larger, higher resolution, and touchscreen would be more expensive but might be worth it.

For navigating the ballot, I want to have the entire ballot laid out on one screen (our current demo -- using Pvote -- only shows one contest at a time). Clicking on (or touching) one contest will fill the screen with just that contest. After making a selection, after a slight delay (maybe 2 seconds), the screen reverts to full-faced view. Depending on screen size, resolution, size of ballot, etc, the text on the full-faced view may or may not all be readable. However, it will be clear which contests have been selected and which ones are left -- and the selections made should be readable.

A voting booth (one per poll site) with enhanced access features would be laid out differently (wheel chair access, etc.), but use the same components -- along with added headphones, etc.

Before exiting the voting booth, the voter places the ballot in a privacy folder (covers text but leaves bar code exposed). The folder with the ballot will be handed to a pollworker at the ballot box.

Alan D.

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