Re: HR 811 (The Holt Bill) and The Commission: Alieninvaders in our democracy

From: Teresa Hommel <tahommel_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Mon Jun 25 2007 - 15:55:27 CDT

A comment on Alan's idea that

The principles of self governance require that election technology be open
to public scrutiny.

In my opinion, the principles of self governance require that all
election procedures be appropriately
observed, and all ballots and votes once cast be continuously observed
until the election outcome
is certfied. By "appropriately observed" I mean that voters must be able
to observe the recording
and casting of their own votes and ballot; election observers must be
able to observe the storage,
handling, and counting of the votes and ballots.

The public cannot scrutinize computerized election technology, because
they don't have
the knowledge and skill to do so.
Teresa Hommel

Alan Dechert wrote:

>>To give a little context, I'm a big fan of this piece penned
>>by Matt Zimmerman of the EFF...
>I am not a fan. We all realize that HR 811 would not mandate secret
>software. However, it legitimizes the concept and carries the yellow pall
>MSFT corruption. The NDA language was dictated by MSFT with a not-so-subtle
>strings of MSFT money attached to action/in-action. It used to be, "what's
>good for General Motors is good for America." The "What's good for MSFT is
>good for America" canard is no better and perhaps worse. IMHO, the correct
>response to HR 811 should be for the Justice Dept to re-start anti-trust
>actions against MSFT and break up what has become a thoroughly corrupt
>The principles of self governance require that election technology be open
>to public scrutiny. We already have "disclosure" to a limited population of
>people with a defined "need-to-know." We aren't interested in that type of
>"NDA" is not a legitimate notion in the context of voting system technology.
>Alan D.
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