Re: mechanicals for an open voting system

From: Tom McCarty <tom_at_tom-mccarty_dot_com>
Date: Mon Jun 26 2006 - 22:20:35 CDT

Ed Kennedy wrote:

>One of the major selling points is the Diebold TSx and similar is that they
>are ADA compliant.
Point well taken about the desirability of ADA compliance. I found a
picture of the TSx theoretically being used by a wheelchair user, but it
sure seems like the user is much too far away from the system becuase of
the stand, incrasing the number of people that have to use the voice option.

There's a good video of the ES&S AutoMark that is ADA compliant at

I really like the tilt-up screen, which is the same thing the Sequioa
AVC Edge does
Has anyone heard feedback on how well the AVC Edge works from the
physical/disability standpoint? If the screen tilts fully vertical, and
it's placed on a wide table, a wheelchair user should be able to wheel
themselves under the table to get close to the screen.

Also, I found and read through the "A PC-Based Open-Source Voting
Machine with an Accessible Voter-Verifiable Paper Ballot”, available at

and this looks like a fabulous paper, with a description of how the
system works at each step in the voting process, and it is exactly what
I had been looking for. However, it seems hidden away on Arthur's site,
and I highly recommend that there be a link to it at

It's such a good paper, I think it should be highlighted, rather than
having to dig for days before finding it.

More soon...


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