Re: Independent audits of Verified Paper Trail elections

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Date: Mon Jun 26 2006 - 21:54:16 CDT writes:

> This would suggest that the law ought to be written so that X is the
> variable, selected to provide a constant statistical confidence level.


This is what I wrote earlier in a private email:

It may be better to talk in terms of reliability - eg: we want an audit that
makes us 80%, or 90%, or 99% sure that there was no cheating going on. Then
you need to add in rules about what happens when you find a problem. The
question becomes - how sure are you that it did (not) change the outcome? Do you
check some more? So the bottom line question becomes, how can we know, with a
reasonable certainty, that there was not enough cheating/errors to change the
outcome of the race? There is no simple answer to this, but it's clear that 1% is
an insufficient answer.

Of course, there are no rules in California as to what to do when a 1% audit
spots problems.

Jim Soper

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