Breaking News! National League of Women Voters Endorses Voter-Verifiable Ballots & Audits for All Voting Systems

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon Jun 26 2006 - 01:34:15 CDT

Great News Everyone!

The US Leagie of Women Voters at their Minneapolis June Summer Convention
adopted a resolution that all voting systems should include voter-verifiable
paper ballots which would be the official ballots and used in independent
audits of election results

Utah's League of Women Voters Executive Director, Sandy Peck, wrote this
account (See item #4 on page #10):

----------- BEGIN LWVUS RESOLUTION -----------

The LWV adopted a resolution on voter-verifiable paper ballots directing
that the LWVUS position on Citizens' Right
to Vote be interpreted to affirm that LWVUS supports only voting systems

that have a voter-verifiable paper ballot or other paper record that is
the official record of the voter's
intent, that the voter can verify while in the process of voting;

that is used for audits and recounts;

that can be used by an independent hand count to verify vote totals;

that can be used in routine, published audits in randomly selected
precincts in every election

-------- END LWVUS RESOLUTION ---------

My Comments:

Utah's Utah's LWV Executive Director Sandy Peck seems, from her written
comments, to agree with Utah's election officials' and Diebold's story-line.
i.e. that guarding voting machines would prevent fraud and that independent
audits (hand counts) to check electronic accuracy would be too

Persons like myself who have studied graduate level computer science or who
trust what expert computer scientists say are, on the other hand, keenly
aware that there are dozens of ways that votes could be manipulated right
under our noses without raising any suspicion by simply inserting a memory
card used to hold votes, or attaching to a voting machine or tabulator for
less than a minute, etc. In the course of conducting elections, no one
would even be aware that the election was tampered with without independent

62% of delegates to the US LWV Summer Convention voted to put an end to
unaudited US voting systems which currently give insiders utter freedom to

I am thrilled to see the US League of Women Voters adopted this resolution
that, if adopted, would ensure that U.S. vote counts are accurate!

This resolution puts the US League of Women Voters in the very forefront of
the effort to fix American democracy because, unlike some other prominent
nation-wide "election integrity" groups, the US League of Women Voters
recognizes that:

1. voter-verified paper ballots are insufficient in themselves unless some
of them are hand-counted in audits that check the machine counts, and

2. the paper ballot should be the official record (not the electronic

I hope that other election integrity groups such as VerifiedVoting and
CommonCause which have endorsed voter-verifiable paper ballots (VVPBs) but
neglected to sufficiently point out that VVPBs, without being counted in
independent audits, are no more than a false assurance to voters and leave
the risk for malfeasance and error high, will now follow the example of the
US League of Women Voters.

Without independent audits, any voting system is wide-open to error and

A hearty "Thank You" the delegates who took the time to attend the US League
Summer Conference in Minneapolis and vote in favor of this resolution.
Thank you for fighting to preserve our democracy and our freedom and way of

The vast majority of US voting systems are in much worse shape today than
they were in 2000 or 2004 because fewer persons are in a position to
undetectably e-rig elections in more locales than ever before in U.S.

The National Election Data Archive has a do-able plan to detect vote
miscounts, given our current voting systems, by using detailed vote count
data that we have a legal right to obtain in most states, but which election
officials do not routinely publicly release in any state.

Without analyzing detailed vote count data prior to candidates' conceding,
insiders could undetectably pad votes for one candidate in one vote-type and
subtract votes for a different candidate in another vote type, or tamper
with one vote-type. Evidence of these problems appeared in both states
where we were able to obtain the detailed data after the 2004 election --
New Mexico and Washington state.

Please help NEDA to complete the system so that we can actively monitor
election results in all states. Donate to US Count Votes' National Election
Data Archive (NEDA) Project.

We need $1500/month to pay NEDA's new programmer to complete the
functionality and backup system for obtaining detailed vote count data and
making it publicly available from the over 3300 separate county election
offices in America.

Please see to donate or find out how candidates,
voters, and political parties can ensure that the correct candidates are
sworn into office.

Please see if you would like to sign up to help
obtain the data for your own county or state.

Kathy Dopp
National Election Data Archive
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