Sequoia contract with Alameda

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Date: Fri Jun 16 2006 - 21:16:49 CDT

Thanks to Jennifer Kidder, I've now got a paper copy
of the Sequoia - Alameda County purchase agreement
signed today. The whole thing is 50+ pages, so it
will take a couple of days before I can get it into a
computer format.

Of particular interest are the following sections:


7 E. Source Code
... ... ...
In the event that "open source code" becomes a
requirement of California law, Sequoia will work with
the CA Secretary of State under the rules/regulations
in effect at that time to comply with the law.

42: Instant Runoff Voting

Sequoia will develp and provide all necessary software,
firmware and/or upgrades to provide an Instant Runoff
Voting model to Alameda County specifications for
County cities for the November 207 election at a cost not
to exceed $350,000.00.

The County and Sequoia will draft a separate contract for
the Instant Runoff Voting development.


Section 7 E should be included in all contracts signed
around the state.

There are also several pages of complex dancing about
who's responsible for screw ups. I'm sure this will
keep the lawyers happy for years to come.

Somebody may want to contact the Alameda's GSA
to try to get this agreement in pdf form.

Jim Soper

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