Re: Diebold on eBay

From: Jim March <jmarch_at_prodigy_dot_net>
Date: Fri Jun 16 2006 - 14:18:07 CDT

 From the pictures it's a TS.

Can we cut a deal here? Bev Harris has expressed interest :). Maybe we
can "share it" - we're all interested in it for research purposes. One
primary thought is to photograph the innards for oddball data ports and
connections. Failure to do that was the single most glaring error from
the "Berkeley Report" of Febuary '06 on the TSx.

Next step is to copy out the executables and any data inside and pass it
around to technically competent parties. That and a complete set of
photos can be shared quickly on the 'net, implying to me that "where the
hardware ends up" is of less importance than the machine getting into
the hands of somebody pledging to do this and with access to the
technical competence to do so.

Bev and BBV really do have the best track record in sharing this sort of
data. By a big margin.

Next: can we got God's sake keep this quiet, discuss it on this list
only and hope Diebold doesn't get wind of this? Lord only knows what
they'd pay to keep it out of all our hands.


David Jefferson wrote:

>This may be an opportunity; it should not be treated as a joke.
>Someone should write the seller and ask the following questions:
>1) Is the model a TS or TSx? If a TSx, is it a Rev A, B, C, D, or
>E? (If the seller does not know, we should ask what he knows in
>terms of the provenance, i.e. "used in Georgia in 2004 primary", etc. )
>2) What is its serial number? (This will tell us something about the
>model and age. And if the seller cannot come up with a serial number
>that is syntactically correct, it may be a hoax.)
>3) Does the machine work, i.e. power up and boot?
>4) Is the internal software still intact, i.e. does it boot WinCE,
>and launch the BallotStation app?
>5) Does any software come with it? I so, what version, and on what
>6) Does it have a VVPT unit or not? Does it come with smart cards,
>memory cards, smartcard coder device, or other media, devices, or
>Asking these questions may tell you some other things as well: Is the
>machine stolen?
>If this sale is not a hoax, someone should definitely buy it and
>contribute it to someone else who can make good forensic use of it.
>I would be willing to contribute up to $100 to the purchase if the
>machine is in good shape and not stolen. I'd contribute $200 if the
>machine came to me.
>On Jun 15, 2006, at 10:08 PM, Arthur Keller wrote:
>>At 10:02 PM -0700 6/15/06, Ron Crane wrote:
>>>Cameron L. Spitzer wrote:
>>>> It would be a terrible waste to destroy a Diebold DRE.
>>>> Take it apart and take pictures. Here's the infrared port,
>>>> here's the socketed BIOS chip with no seal, here's the
>>>> jumper to reset the clock and fake out the date,
>>>> here's the CF socket where the tamperers can substitute
>>>> their code, here's the FAT32 file system with no
>>>> journal or change history, here's Access,
>>>> here's the blue screen, here's how you insert a trojan...
>>>> Send it to the popular conspiracy sites and let
>>>> them buzz it up.
>>>I can hardly add anything to that tour de force, except to say that
>>>rhetoric is extremely powerful: more powerful, alas, than truth.
>>>But if
>>>you can use rhetoric in the service of truth, then you really have
>>Rather than destroying the carcass, I'd rather see if we can use the
>>hardware as the basis for a reliable voting system using open source
>>software. So after you take the pictures, donate it to the
>>University of California. I'll gladly get you a tax receipt.
>>Best regards,

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