Re: Diebold on eBay

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Fri Jun 16 2006 - 10:39:31 CDT

Hey, according to RABA, they picked the locks in no time. Need to ask Matt
Bishop about this.


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>I know someone who bought one and it did not have the "key" whatever that
>means and they could not turn it on.
> Teresa
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>>Abashed, I totally agree with David. I do think the threat Diebold poses
>>deserves to be honored by the procedure David suggests. No more jokes.
>>Please enter my pledge of $25 towards such a successful bid. Let's buy
>>the beast and send it to the pathologist to examine its inner parts.
>>Alan, are you the designated bidder?
>> Cheers!
>> -- Dick
>>David Jefferson <> wrote:
>> This may be an opportunity; it should not be treated as a joke.
>>Someone should write the seller and ask the following questions:
>>1) Is the model a TS or TSx? If a TSx, is it a Rev A, B, C, D, or
>>E? (If the seller does not know, we should ask what he knows in
>>terms of the provenance, i.e. "used in Georgia in 2004 primary", etc. )
>>2) What is its serial number? (This will tell us something about the
>>model and age. And if the seller cannot come up with a serial number
>>that is syntactically correct, it may be a hoax.)
>>3) Does the machine work, i.e. power up and boot?
>>4) Is the internal software still intact, i.e. does it boot WinCE,
>>and launch the BallotStation app?
>>5) Does any software come with it? I so, what version, and on what
>>6) Does it have a VVPT unit or not? Does it come with smart cards,
>>memory cards, smartcard coder device, or other media, devices, or
>>Asking these questions may tell you some other things as well: Is the
>>machine stolen?
>>If this sale is not a hoax, someone should definitely buy it and
>>contribute it to someone else who can make good forensic use of it.
>>I would be willing to contribute up to $100 to the purchase if the
>>machine is in good shape and not stolen. I'd contribute $200 if the
>>machine came to me.
>>On Jun 15, 2006, at 10:08 PM, Arthur Keller wrote:
>>> At 10:02 PM -0700 6/15/06, Ron Crane wrote:
>>>> Cameron L. Spitzer wrote:
>>>>> It would be a terrible waste to destroy a Diebold DRE.
>>>>> Take it apart and take pictures. Here's the infrared port,
>>>>> here's the socketed BIOS chip with no seal, here's the
>>>>> jumper to reset the clock and fake out the date,
>>>>> here's the CF socket where the tamperers can substitute
>>>>> their code, here's the FAT32 file system with no
>>>>> journal or change history, here's Access,
>>>>> here's the blue screen, here's how you insert a trojan...
>>>>> Send it to the popular conspiracy sites and let
>>>>> them buzz it up.
>>>> I can hardly add anything to that tour de force, except to say that
>>>> rhetoric is extremely powerful: more powerful, alas, than truth.
>>>> But if
>>>> you can use rhetoric in the service of truth, then you really have
>>>> something.
>>> Rather than destroying the carcass, I'd rather see if we can use the
>>> hardware as the basis for a reliable voting system using open source
>>> software. So after you take the pictures, donate it to the
>>> University of California. I'll gladly get you a tax receipt.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Arthur
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