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We are not oblivious to the privacy issue with barcodes on the
ballot. Section 5.5 of our privacy paper discusses that very issue.

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At 5:19 PM -0400 6/13/06, Lillie Coney wrote:
>Arnold it was a pleasure meeting you at the workshop.
>I did want to concur that there are privacy and transparency
>issues associated with the use of barcodes on physical ballots.
>The barcode is not human friendly and is produced at the time
>the vote is captured. This creates two of areas of concern:
>the voter only has the assurances of the administrator that no
>identifying information is contained on the ballot, and that
>the votes represented on the bardcode are in fact their choices.
>Transparency challenges are real, but the federal standards
>process has not lent itself to voter access to the ballot barcode
>The following is an excerpt from the transcript on the use
>of barcode readers by voters, while in the privacy of the voting
>cubical. The transcript is from the last meeting of the TGDC
>on their recommendations for voluntary voting standards.
>Full Transcript
>Thank you for the notes from the meeting.
>>5. A couple of participants expressed concern about the lack of
>>transparency associated with the use of bar codes on ballots.
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