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> >Are you aware of the statistically highly improbable vote counts
> >from Sequoia DREs in the 2004 November election in NV, NM, and WA?

The Voting Rights Task Force in Alameda County (Oakland,
Berkeley, Fremont) is outstanding, and we've spent a year
educating the BoS about the issues. We've got a lot of
work to do, including improving the auditing, but we've made
some significant accomplishment, and yes, we know about
strange vote counts in NM, WA, and NV.

Our number one objective is to get Debra Bowen elected
secretary of state. This is of huge importance to the entire
country, as she will get open source software built and
deployed throughout the state; software that can be used in
everywhere else.

Jim Soper

510 258 4857

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