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From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 12:51:01 CDT wrote:
On June 8, the Alameda County, CA, voted to purchase voting systems from Sequoia, with one condition, that the system undergo security vulnerability tests. This is a first, and the first time that Sequoia will ever be subjected to red team testing.

I have set up a Yahoo discussion group to discuss how to make sure the tests are valid, and not a whitewash. This will be mostly a technical discussion, although political considerations will necessarily have a role to play. The political side is mainly being handled by the Voting Rights Task Force ( ).

If you feel you can contribute, and would like to join, please send me an email.

Membership is by invitation only....
Greetings. I might be interested in participating in this effort, but I have some questions that I hope you will answer.

1. Is your note an invitation to submit a request to join the red team, or to submit a request to join a group attempting to supervise the red team?

2. Assuming the former, what are the conditions on the red team's efforts?
a. Are team members subject to any NDAs?
b. Does Sequoia provide all system source code, build scripts and software, etc., such that team members can build the entire system from source and compare it to what's preloaded in the machines?
c. Does Sequoia give the team any tech support?
d. Ditto (b) for firmware?
e. Are team members allowed to disassemble the hardware to analyze the firmware, check for communications devices (e.g., BPL, wireless, optical...), etc.?
f. How much time has the county given the team to conduct its analysis and write its report?
g. Have the county, Sequoia, et al, declared any form of investigation or criticism "off limits"?
h. Have the county, Sequoia, et al, committed, in writing, to making public the entire report promptly following its completion?

Thanks for working on this,


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