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Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 11:41:53 CDT

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> On June 8, the Alameda County, CA, voted to purchase voting systems from
> Sequoia, with one condition, that the system undergo security
> vulnerability tests.
> This is a first, and the first time that Sequoia will ever be subjected to
> red team testing.

Arthur and Jim,

Are you aware of the statistically highly improbable vote counts from
Sequoia DREs in the 2004 November election in NV, NM, and WA?

NM - the extremely high under-vote rate where anyone who voted straight
party ticket for any party other than the Republican party, allegedly took
the extra step to remove their vote for the presidential candidate and a few
other key races. Plus exit poll disparities well outside the MOE. (Warren
Stewart & Ellen Theisen as well as NEDA analyzed them)

NV - Exit poll disparities and other evidence (The Rolling Stones article by
RFK speaks of them.)

WA - Paul Lehto's analysis of vote counts in Snohomish County showed highly
statistically improbable pattern of Sequoia vote counts compared to the mail
in paper ballots which were all verified in the 8 month long Governor's

It seems rather incomprehensible that anyone would consider replacing
Diebolds with Sequoias!

Kathy Dopp

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