Re: Does anyone want to help w/ "How To ensure accurate vote counts" docs?

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Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 08:37:27 CDT
Send them to me and I will look them over. I did the on-line version that you directed me to earlier but it never let me in or sent me a password. An attachment would be the best way to send to me. How goes the race?

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Subject: [OVC-discuss] Does anyone want to help w/ "How To ensure
accurate vote counts" docs?
From: "Kathy Dopp" <>
Date: Thu, June 08, 2006 12:53 am
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Does anyone want to help us review, edit, contribute to, these urgently needed documents (listed here) prior to our releasing them?

1. What Voters Can Look for and Report to Local Officials and Election Integrity Groups (& What else voters can do during elections.)

2. How Political Parties Can Ensure Vote Count Accuracy (2 versions: short & long versions)

3. For Candidates: How to Assure that Votes in Your Race are Counted Accurately

4. A press release for all of the above

I am very sorry we didn't get these docs out until after most of the primary elections, but I've been buried in personal stuff and Utah stuff - good things are happening in Utah finally - the biggest Utah newspaper has taken an editorial position in favor of our position against Diebold & our Lt. Governor's position; the Utah League of Women voters has decided to host a forum on "voting system security"; and my own county commission seems to be leaning t! owards conducting independent audits of our vote counts regardless of state laws which do not seem to allow it. 

Maybe now, with all the Lou Dobbs, Rolling Stones, Newsweek, NY Times, Washington Post, etc coverage of the vulnerability of our voting systems, the public reception of some "How-to" ensure that correctly-elected candidates are sworn into office would be well-received.

If any election integrity groups want to add tidbits to any of these docs that are particular to a particular state, let people in that state know to contact them, that would be great. I would very much appreciate it.
Some of the information already comes from Arthur Keller, BlackBoxvoting, VerifiedVoting, and VoteTrustUSA and such.

Please call me if I can add you into the document management system that lets you download, check out, edit, and upload the documents - so that you can collaborate on this and we can get them out SOON before all the primary elections are ! over.

My phone number is 435-658-4657 & call back again if you don't get me as I'm miserable about picking up my voice mail messages.


Best Regards,


Kathy Dopp
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