Re: Fwd: Videotape exam of the Unilect Patriot now online

From: Charlie Strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 - 02:41:45 CDT

The video's were over a gigabyte (by bit torrent) so you may not have
viewed them. I recorded just the audio of the first hour
an made an MP3 you can listen to.
(13 MB)

I'll leave it there a few days but please repost it if you want a
high bandwidth or permenant link.

tips on listening.

1) skip the first 5 minutes which is just intoduction. (actually
skippin about ten minutes is best.)

Shamos starts in a 5 minutes.

He tears the unilect people a new one. it's truly amazing. lesson:
never question shamos in the press if you are likely to face him
where he has the authority of examiner. He is merciless!

most of the voices are either
i) shamos
ii) the Unilect presenter
iii) the unilect technical guru

2) at 38 minutes a discussion of how the parts of the system works at

the system works on windows 98 and cannot be upgraded at present.

Shamos gets them to admit that they repeatedly changed the software
without getting it recertified. They are very pricly on this
insisting it makes no difference, never grocking that it is simply
against the law.

on the second hour tape at 54 minutes the system malfunctions and
will not display any ballot images or print them out.

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