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I know I brought it up before and not many agreed with me, but I really believe "random recounts" should be used only as a last resort or when the losing candidates have no suspicion. I prefer what I call "Targeted Audit Recounts" (TAR) where the candidates pick the precincts to be recounted and the lion's share of those choices go to the losing candidates.

Even a perfectly fair random selection process suffers from not using available intelligence. When I developed the TAR strategy, I did it based on real life experiences of candidates who've lost and claimed to have had evidence of fraud or of serious errors that could be corrected. As losing candidates, they had no power because they were out of office. I realize that one of the responders in this forum used the recent Presidential election as an example where the losing candidate doesn't wish to pursue, but there are many other losing candidates, such as Rossi in Washington, who do wish to pursue and all they can do is file lawsuits that can be bottled up in court and findings can be ignored.

The TAR was designed with 2 real campaigns in mind, the 1985 Dallas mayoral contest where Maxwell Goldblatt's Campaign Manager, Terry Elkins, was in Boston in 1986 showing the problems they found and the 1948 Texas Senate Primary Runoff where Governor Coke Stevenson pointed to the now infamous Ballot Box 13 in Alice, Texas. These people tried to fight for meaningful audits in specific areas and were denied because there was no procedure to allow them to direct attention to where they felt they found something wrong. They and the public should have that right.

In my opinion, no matter how fair you make the random selection, it will never be as good as allowing the losing candidates to pick the places to be audited.

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