Help with Computer-as-Ballot-Marking-Device Threat Analysis

From: laird popkin <lairdp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 16:06:42 CDT

A friend working at the Brennan Center (i.e. Good Guys) is working on
compiling a threat analysis of various voting systems, including
Computer-as-Ballot-Marking-Device (i.e. OVC's approach). It would be
great if we could help them out on this front. It's a great thing to
help people make informed decisions about voting systems, and of
course the more people know about OVC and our approach, the better.
Hi Laird,

Eric and Annie (Brennan Center) here. Could you please post on relevant
listservs for us, especially OVC lists, so we can find someone to help
us with the threat analysis. Thanks for your help,

The Brennan Center is currently engaged in a Voting Technology
Assessment Project, culminating in a published report, which will aim to
evaluate the technologies available in 2006 along three main measures:
security, accessibility, and cost effectiveness. The intended audience
of the report will be elections officials, legislators, advocates,
vendors, and the general public. The Brennan Center's work is likely to
also be used to advise such organizations as NIST and the Election
Assistance Commission.

On the security front, we have been developing "attack catalogs" that
list the possible intentional interferences associated with each voting
system. We have drafted catalogs for DRE, DRE v/ VVPT, and PCOS
(Precinct-Count-Optical-Scan). For each attack, we have attempted to
quantify the threatóby measuring "cost" of the attack (in terms of the
number of attackers needed, for example), likelihood, and possible
countermeasuresóa quantification that will be vetted and refined as the
Project progresses. Generally our perspective is that the strength of
the technology should be determined by the difficulty of the least
difficult attack. As such, getting the attack catalogs correct is
critical to our efforts.

We are in need of assistance in identifying possible attacks of a
Computer-as-Ballot-Marking-Device (BMD) system from someone who is
familiar with its strengths and weaknesses. We have some important
deliverables on the 28th and would like to have added a first draft
attack catalog for BMD by then. Even if you only have time to spend a
few hours with us on the phone, that could be key to our success.

Thanks very much for your interest. Please reply to

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