Status: VVSG1 and VVSG2 and EAC

From: David Webber \(XML\) <"David>
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 10:41:39 CDT

>From my correspondence with NIST this week - the VVSG1 - final version will
be published either later this week or early next week.

The VVSG1 available on the site is an old one and does not
reflect the submission of VVSG1 that NIST made to EAC.

Next - the VVSG2 on the site is only a preliminary draft. It
will be revised prior to submission to EAC is September.

EAC is accepting comments on VVSG1 (even though its not available yet!!).

So - once VVSG1 is published - suggestion is to look at VVSG2 draft and
finds things you really like - and publish those as suggestions to EAC.
Ditto things in between VVSG1 and 2 (draft) that appear to be bad, etc.

Anyway - hope this clarifies for everyone.

It's clear that we need to comment to EAC to reinforce good aspects that
align with
OVC goals.


> Documents obtained by EPIC under the Freedom of Information Act
> reveal the complete draft standards for voting technology. The
> standards, which were developed by the Election Assistance Commission,
> could determine how votes will be tabulated in future elections. Other
> documents obtained by EPIC reveal vendor attempts to influence the
> development of the standards.

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