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there's a lot in the draft document
(2nd to last link at: )
a couple of relevant comments:
1) calls for vote order randomization (sorry paper tapes).
2) calls for independent vote verification system.
3) calls for human factors studies to assess accessibility.

Notably the guidlines do not dictate VVPAT but instead they list four
illustrative examples of how one might achieve an independent vote
verification system of which VVPAT is but one example: (see page 100)

 voting systems with a split process architecture,
 end-to-end voting systems that include cryptographic audit schemes,
 witness voting systems that take a picture of or otherwise capture
an indirect verification of
ballot choices,
 direct independent verification, including some types of voting
systems that produce an
optically scanned ballot or that produce a voter-verified paper audit
trail (VVPAT).

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