Re: Executive Summary of Proposal to CaliforniaSecretary of State

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 13:34:36 CDT


Yes, I believe this is the right way to look at it. UCTS would be basically
an audit tool for jurisdictions that use precinct based optical scanners.
Some, however, optical scan jurisdictions do not do precinct level scanning.
Any guess what percentage? Perhaps none in CA -- I don't really know. In
other states, this is certainly different. Oregon, for example, would not
be doing precinct level scanning so UCTS could be a replacement for blackbox
scanners there.

Alan D.

> This may not be germaine, but might UCTS also be attractive to some
> jurisdictions as a redundant tabulation or auditing mechanism? That
> is, in addition to buying equipment from the vendor, might it not make
> sense for some jurisdictions to have multiple independent tabulators
> and see if they come up with the same results? (of course, only a
> subset would be audited with UCTS or you'd be counting twice... which
> I like but eleciton officials wont).

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