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People Really Do Use the Internet

That's what Ocean County, N.J., officials discovered when a faulty
circuit board at Verizon's central office kept the county clerk's Web
site from posting election results from this week's gubernatorial
primary until nearly 12 hours after polls closed Tuesday night. The
Asbury Park Press reported that county residents were less than
thrilled with the tech team's repair speed. Clerk Carl W. Block
provided a sample from his e-mail in-box:
"Here's one: 'Where are the results? Nice job.'
"'I feel that your department has let us down.'
"'I was disappointed (the results) weren't there in real time. Now
I'm really disappointed to see they're not there this morning.'"
Look on the bright side, Mr. Block. Most people probably don't even
know when their states' primaries happen.

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