Fw: Technology, modernity may change future elections

From: David Webber \(XML\) <"David>
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 22:43:22 CDT

This is excerpted from the article at Katu.com

based on the report out today from the electioncenter.org


This is more like how the MVA works....

I think this probably heightens the need for verifiable paper ballots -
because a lengthened period of time dramatically increases the
opportunity to commit fraud.

The key is access to the voting process. Once someone gains
access - they are trusted and allowed to place a vote. Extending
that windows offers scope for many more access based frauds.

And if that worked on Monday, it can work Tuesday and so on.

Certainly I can see the cost issues and the good sense this
makes there - but securing postal ballots and the trusted
process makes this problematic - and definately not something
a simple DRE-only based approach is going to come close
to safe guarding.

The big issue now though is refuting the claims from the
report - and showing that there are better ways of doing

This link has the report - minus the pompous graphics
that swell it to 2+ Mb, instead of a slimmed down 500k.



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