Re: demo in multiple languages

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed Jun 01 2005 - 23:55:44 CDT

The real way to handle this is to rewrite the application from
scratch.... Everything should be based on Ballot Definition Files
that support multiple languages in a parameterized way. Otherwise,
we're just hardcoding in an alternative language. Works for a demo,
but not a solution.

Best regards,

At 6:44 PM -0500 6/1/05, Lara Shaffer wrote:
>We need to make the demo available in multiple languages. Ideally, it would
>be great to be able to have at least one other language (perhaps Spanish?)
>available on the demo that I take on the road to LA and San Diego in
>mid-June. How easily can this be done?
>Also, I will hopefully be meeting with the Asian Pacific lobby group when
>I'm in LA. They are interested in seeing ballots offered in Asian lanugages
>(Chinese, Japanese, etc) and so are promoting the Diebold system over the
>Ink-A-Vote system right now. The activist contacts I have spoken with in LA
>feel that if I show them that the OVC system also does multiple languages,
>they will shift their support over to us.
>The idea is to get someone from the Asian Pacific Lobby group to work on the
>translation so that they become directly involved with the OVC project.
>Two questions:
> 1. Do the names of the candidates need to be translated for non-latin
> 2. I know the file for making your selections is just a paint file that
>can be modified but what format should the translations be saved in for the
>ballot print out?
>Thanks for your help,
>Lara :)
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