Motivation to Cheat - 1,000 years old

From: David Webber \(XML\) <"David>
Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 23:02:48 CDT

Warwick the King-Maker showed us that the
need to wield power is a basic human instinct.

In the case of the DRE systems, a small
inner sanctum inside certain vendor companies
I'm sure is controlling this all, and when the
truth finally comes out we are going to find
that the actual means used
is incredably simple and basic - not
sophisticated at all. While everyone is
looking for the obtuse.

One thing that immediately struck me in
my first encounter with a DRE system - was
that the key card is an obvious entry point.

Since anyone can easily carry one of these
in or out of a polling station a "special"
card could be inserted into a DRE that then
triggers some latent code. This would be
completely undetectable before and
after polling in pre- or post- certification

Any number of similar simple tricks could
be used to rig and election using current
DRE technology - its obviously so wide
open with no meaningful audit possible.

Anyway - back to motivation - a political
fervour or persuasion is more than enough,
look at folks like Hitler, or Stalin, to see
that lessor lights love to glow in their
preferred leaders success, or advancing
"the cause", over the hated infidels.

Bolster that with the ability to make
quick cash - as in owning stock in the
company - and the inner sanctum is

This will only likely come out when
the DRE bubble bursts and the stock
crashes into pennies, assuming that
there are not a series of unfortunate
auto accidents in the meantime....

To be continued!

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