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Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 11:46:56 CDT

We could (and should) set up both and to point to the same IP address. As Arthur
points out, they can be any server at any ISP.

I'll also point out that there's a Wiki module for Drupal that does what we
need. Since we have a Drupal instance running on already,
with donated hosting, that's easy for us to do in terms of logistics.

I've created a poll at
that perhaps we could use for people to vote between the three options.
There's also a discussion forum there, so we can discuss the issue without
consuming the OVC project mailing list. :-)

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I think those are great ideas, but they should probably be As David points out, this approach will
work even if's ISP isn't hosting the service

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At 1:59 AM -0400 6/30/04, David Mertz wrote:
>Arthur Keller <> wrote:
>|We can look for another hosting service. I will also look into
>|whether UCSC can host it.
>This might be an opportunity to do something that probably should have
>happened anyway: It would sure look a lot nicer if the Wiki lived at,
>Or something else along similar lines. The whole
> is nice enough for my private stuff, but kinda
>confusing when people think of OVC. Even, likewise.
>Actually, the list archive is a little similar. I'm more than happy to
>host that (and such will assure the archive stays intact and available).
>But I've mentioned before that I thought it would be good to get
>subdomains to resolve to the relevant IP addresses. I'm not sure
>exactly how that's configured on the OVC host, but I know it's doable.
>So, e.g.
>Would point to
> PING 64 data bytes
> 72 bytes from icmp_seq=0. time=80. ms
>And likewise could point to some UCSC host, or
>whatever else. In terms of giving out URLs (and linking to them) it
>looks a lot nicer... but it doesn't break any links that have already
>been published, since DNS will still lookup as
>also pointing at

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