Re: OVC Architecture Decision Tree

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 11:19:09 CDT


> Sorry to be diss'in and all. But I'm afraid the non-binary tree
> doesn't "do it for me" to any greater degree. I still don't see the
> various decisions (that Ed Cherlin did a great job of listing) as
> flowing from each other, but rather as being almost entirely
> orthogonal.
I disagree. There are a few things that may be orthogonal, but most
decisions flow one after the other.

For example, once you decide on making a computer-based voting machine,
there are a number of decisions to make based on that. You have to decide
whether or not the machines will be networked. If you say "no" to that,
then you have to decide on some sneaker net ways to get the data in and out
of the machine. If you say "yes" to networking, (like the Aussie eVACS
system), then there are a number of decisions to make that are different
from a non-networked system.

With computer based voting, you can choose to have a paperless system or
have a paper representation of the voters selections. While you could also
choose to go paperless with other voting systems (e.g., levers), it's still
a decision to make once you have chosen computer-based. Theoretically, you
could choose paperless first and then choose computer-based but, in
practice, there aren't any realistic choices other than computer-based if
you choose paperless (we aren't likely to go back to levers or dropping
stones into urns). Actually, the decision tree should also fit
ballot/non-ballot in there somewhere. You could have a voter-verified paper
representation of the selections while the votes get stored without
connection to a ballot.

Once you choose paper, there are quite a few decisions to make based on that
choice. Variable length stock (paper on a roll) or pre-cut paper stock?
Pre-printed or blank? Color or b/w? Barcode/no barcode? OCR ready or
ignore OCR readiness? And there are several more decisions to make that
flow directly from the choice of paper.

I see a very large decision tree with many branches.

Alan D.
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