Re: OVC Architecture Decision Tree

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 00:42:23 CDT

At 6:03 PM -0700 6/29/04, Alan Dechert wrote:
>> Can we use an editable format? I would suggest Visio Pro, for
>> which there is a Free equivalent, kivio, that runs on Linux and
>> BSD.
>Sure. I haven't tried kivio but I'll look for it.

I need something that runs well on MacOS X.

>Also, since David diss'ed my first drawing, please see my more logical
>beginning draft.
>I am not thinking of this as one page for each decision. I would really
>like to see a tree where certain decisions flow from previous decisions. I
>see the output going to a plotter. So, it would be nice to have someone
>volunteer that has access to a (E-sized) plotter.

If it's a tree, it's a left-leaning or right-leaning tree. That's a
path that can be described linearly.

It is likely not a branching tree with multiple branches on multiple levels.

>Alan D.

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